Coconut Oil Really Does Fix Everything

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Coconut Oil has been a staple in the lives of many people in tropical countries. From the Indian continent and Africa to the Caribbean and South America coconut oil has been used by natives for everything from hair care to purifying the body. The coconut is a popular plant that's very tasty and is used in many tropical dishes in various forms. The coconut may be shredded and used for baking or the meat of the coconut may be blended and strained to produce coconut milk. Sometimes the water from the coconut is drunk straight and is a very refreshing drink that also helps with dehydration and reduction in blood pressure. Coconut oil may be extracted by different methods with one of the most common being mechanical expeller pressing. The coconut is a very common fruit that has a whole lot of common as well as uncommon benefits.

Coconut oil is the one substance derived from coconut that is most commonly used in cosmetics. The various nutrients in coconut make it very suitable for nourishing the skin and hair. Some of the benefits of coconut oil include:

-Improving cholesterol

-Improving brain function

-Treatment and prevention of gum diseases and cavities.

-Improving digestion

-Improving skin conditions

-Weight loss

-Increase in energy

-Reduction in inflammation and arthritis

Coconut oil is also one of the most beneficial products for hair care and we dare say no one should have a hair care routine without it. Coconut oil provides the total hair care package from scalp benefits all the way to moisturization. It's antibacterial and antifungal properties make it ideal for maintaining a healthy scalp. It also helps increase circulation to the scalp which is a requirement of maintaining a healthy scalp. To find out more about keeping your scalp in tip top shape read our article on scalp care. Coconut oil also makes an excellent conditioner and softens the hair on contact. In fact, women in India have used coconut oil on their hair for centuries as a pre-wash conditioning treatment. To follow this routine which helps maintain soft hair and prevent hair breakage from detangling, apply coconut oil all over the hair the day before washing. Coconut oil can also be used on dry hair as a moisturizer. It is recommended that people in more arid climates add a little water to the hair before adding coconut oil to aid with moisturization.

Coconut oil may also be taken internally to improve overall health. Hair care isn't just about taking care of the hair itself but taking care of yourself on the inside. Regardless of how you choose to use it, the extensive benefits of this wonder fruit gives credibility to the popular statement "coconut oil fixes everything".

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  • I have used coconut oil in my hair and it gives it body beyond what I expected. I now sport a strong, shiny, healthy natural hair. Coconut oil has also done wonders to my scalp. Used to have a bad scalp condition. With the use of coconut oil that scalp condition is no more. I would definitely recommend it to all those who seek to have healthy hair and scalp.

    JAcky on
  • . “Hair care isn’t just about taking care of the hair itself but taking care of yourself on the inside.”
    So true. It is said that the water from coconut has all the nutrient that the body needs.I have used the coconut oil as a scalp treatment and I have not experienced any flaking or itching again.

    Veronica on

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