Beet Sugar Extract for Moist ,Silky, Flexible hair.

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Betaine or trimethyl glycine (Glycine Betaine) is a common, simple molecule found in nature. It is extracted from the sugar beet (Beta Vulgaris) during the sugar making process through the technique of chromatography of the molasses. Hence, betaine is a natural ingredient which is used in various cosmetics. The structure of betaine allows it to form hydrogen bonds with water and other molecules. While it is highly soluble in water it still maintains chemical stability. Betaine is bestowed with very unusual properties but most significantly it helps some other molecules to become soluble.

Hazel Pool Associate (as cited in personalcaremagazine .com, 2010) in a study carried out on European hair claimed that betaine, in fact, resulted in improved hair strength, retention of its initial resistance to succumb for a longer period, and less prone to fracture. The result was even more rewarding on Asian hair. The result showed that the hair was less brittle and had more elasticity. It was strengthened. In conclusion, the researcher embraced the advantages of using betaine in hair products to treat damaged hair or as a protective agent.

Gavazzoni Dias (2015) indicated that women of African descent are the largest users of cosmetic hair care procedures. These hair care practices have caused Black hair to be quite frail. Fragility of hair strands naturally leads to breakage if proper hair regimen is not maintained. Dias also alluded to the fact that Hispanics with their wavy or very curly hair has suffered similar faith. The findings of these investigations give way to a very pertinent question.  Have you ever stopped to think of the tremendous amount of stress that your hair goes through during coloring, relaxing, washing, and styling? Additionally, emotional stress (whether it is extreme or insignificant) as well as medication can take a toll on your hair. Whatever your hair type, if you have never related stress to your hair in that manner then it is time to think about it.

Sugar Beets Work for All Hair Types


In order to withstand the pulling, tugging, heat, and internal and external chemical reactions, your hair needs to enjoy a certain amount of elasticity. Flexibility comes with a generous amount of moisture in your hair. The wisest thing to do is to select products with ingredients which provides high content moisture. Products containing betaine will provide a significant amount of moisture to your hair because of its unique properties.

Betaine (trimethyl glycine or glycine betaine) is an amino acid and a byproduct of sugar beet processing. It functions as a humectant, anti-irritant, helps to produce collagen, and promotes the elasticity of hair.

Betaine's humectant property helps to reduce the loss of moisture from hair. In fact, it adds hydration directly to the hair rather than trying to extract moisture from the air.  Consequently, it prevents your hair from become brittle and breaking. This moisturizing effect also aids in the detangling process. Being a derivative of sugar it is endowed with saccharides and has the ability to maintain its moisturizing capability in any weather condition. This prevents breakage of the strands.

An anti-irritant helps to reduce the sensitivity that other ingredients may pose to your scalp. Therefore a hair product which contains betaine will protect the scalp from itching and flaking. It also means that the scalp will be less likely to be inflamed.

Collagen is important for hair health, strength and growth. Although collagen is produced by the body naturally, the preponderance of chemicals that we use in our hair can damage our scalp and hair follicles. Therefore, a topical application of betaine is most desirable to repair and renew the dead cells on your scalp. It also ensures that your hair enjoys the right level of elasticity to withstand the physical activities associated with maintaining your hair.

According to Gavazzoni Dias (2015), “hair is an integrated system with a peculiar chemical and physical behavior.” She further stated that the cuticle of different types of hair has varying degrees of thickness.  Whatever the thickness of the cuticle, all hair types are prone to damage and breakage. The molecular structure of betaine gives it unique solvent powers and sensory properties. Thus it gives your hair that moist, silky feel.  It is important to note that for healthy hair strands and scalp beet sugar extract is definitely one of the ingredients to look for in your shampoos, conditioners and other hair products.

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