3 Easy Ways to Protect Your Hair While You Sleep

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One of the key tips for length retention is protecting your hair while you sleep. This is because your ends are getting a double dose of damage if you do not.  In one instance, all the moisturizing and sealing you did during the day will be pointless if your cotton pillow robs your hair of moisture while you get your beauty rest. Secondly, the friction that happens while you toss and turn throughout the night will cause mechanical damage, resulting in possible split ends and knots.  Here are three (3) easy ways to protect your hair to maintain moisture and length.

1) Wear a hairstyle that protects while you sleep.

Protective hairstyles like twist outs and braid outs are usually worn to reduce everyday breakage that can occur while manipulating the hair.  However, how you maintain your protective hairstyle while you sleep is important as well. Twist outs and braid outs can be maintained with a pineapple, which is a loose ponytail at the top of your head, meant to protect your curls from being flattened or tangled during sleep. A pineapple can be made with a hair tie or simply by tying your hair up towards the top of your head with just your hair scarf, which is preferable for short hair.

2) Protect with a sleep bonnet.

For a loose hair do such as a fro or a chunky twist out, it may be a good idea to re-braid your hair to keep the hair stretched and in tip top shape for the morning. However, you also need to protect your hair with a non-absorptive material that will lock in moisture and prevent unnecessary friction. For most people, a plain old ‘beauty supply bonnet’ does the job but depending on your hair length, sleeping habits and hairstyle you may need a bonnet that has a few extra features.  If you have a hair style that is voluminous such as faux locs or braids you will need a bonnet that is large enough to accommodate the extra hair.  If you are an active sleeper that moves a lot in your sleep at night you may want to consider a hair bonnet that is made to stay in place on your head while you sleep.  Whatever style you choose, the most important thing to consider is the fabric.  Silk and satin do not pull moisture from your hair and maintain the most moisture.  Sleep bonnets are available in many colors and styles so you’ll definitely find something to fit your needs.  You can view our collection of bonnets here.   

 Protect your curls while you sleep to maintain length and moisture

3) Use a silk/satin pillowcase

What if you don’t want a bonnet at all? That’s where silk/satin pillowcases come in. If you have a style that doesn’t do well with being under wraps then this might be the option for you. The bonus is that you don’t have to remember to put on anything, which helps with being consistent with protecting your hair. Some people also find silk pillowcases to be good for their skin also, as they don’t absorb skin products that they put on for the night. Companies like Slip offers pure silk pillowcases made with natural fibers.  

Whether you prefer bonnets or pillowcases or just adjusting your hair style, there are plenty of options for protecting your hair.  If you have longer hair, like braids and locks, you have options like our over-sized bonnets from House of Deva Bandeau or Pretty Anntoinet’s longer bonnets that are adjustable for any consumer. They also have silk pillowcases and ‘loc tubes’.  Always in a rush? ‘Slap Caps’ are satin-lined hats that protect your hair at night, but double as a hat you can wear outside. With stylish colors and patterns, a bad hair day is a thing of the past.


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