Wash day doesn't have to be that bad.

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I decided to make a post about wash day after a humorous post I saw on Instagram chronicling the drama naturals face when it's time to get those curls spic and span.  By the way, if you're not following us, please join us on Instagram @exotichairproducts.  Wash day can be a dreaded nightmare for many and admittedly I know how that feels because I used to be that person who feared Saturday mornings for that very same reason.  The biggest issue with wash day, however, is the detangling process.  Especially for those of us with very tight curls. However, wash day doesn't need to be so daunting if you have the right products.  A good conditioner has lots of moisturizing ingredients that will coat your hair and help the comb slide through easily without too much hair shedding and breakage.  The Cocolicious conditioner and Moisture Infusion are excellent for conditioning the hair.  Whether you're looking for a weekly conditioner or a deep conditioner these two products have the perfect ingredients for making your wash day easy as pie.  With ingredients like Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter your hair will feel soft and healthy and you'll have no more reasons to dread wash day.

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