Healthy Hair Really Starts with a Healthy Scalp

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The number one thing most women want is longer hair.  Using products that are hydrating and moisturizing can help the hair to grow but having an unhealthy scalp can sabotage your hair growth efforts leaving you with breakage and hair loss.  Tending to the scalp is an often overlooked part of the hair care process. Most women focus on styling and sheen but forget that having healthy hair really starts with a healthy scalp.  Restoring balance to the scalp is key in aiding hair growth and strength. 

Achieving a healthy scalp involves three major components: 1) cleansing the scalp, 2) stimulating the scalp and 3) nourishing the scalp.  Using a product with a combination of natural oils that have cleansing, stimulating and nourishing properties will keep your scalp well balanced.

Oils such as tea tree oil have four primary properties: antifungal, antiviral, antispetic and anti-inflammatory.  These can easily be remembered as the four As.  Tea tree oil heals the scalp by killing any bacteria or fungus and by treating any harmful infections of the scalp.  Another lesser known oil for treating scalp problems is sesame oil.  Sesame oil is one of the best remedies for treating dandruff.  Dandruff is one of the major scalp problems that people experience and is also one of the least understood scalp conditions.  Dandruff is actually caused by a fungus contrary to popular belief that it is just dry scalp from lack of moisture.  Sesame oil has great antiseptic and antifungal properties that, when used, will rid the scalp of dandruff in no time.  This highly penetrating oil has been called the healing oil and is used across many cultures for curing a host of maladies. It has a high vitamin E content and is loaded with minerals.  

Other oils to use for improving the scalp are black castor oil, moringa oil, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil and red pimento oil.  All the oils mentioned are known for their antiseptic properties which help to cleanse the scalp and rid the scalp of impurities. Oils such as peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil and red pimento oil have stimulating properties that help improve blood flow and circulation in the scalp. Finally, these oils also are enriched with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that help to nourish the scalp and nurture hair follicles.  Apply these oils to your hair at least once a week to ensure that your scalp is in optimal condition to produce a healthy head of hair.





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