Using the LCO Method to Grow Your Hair

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You may have heard about the LOC method for retaining moisture but its counterpart the LCO method is just as effective and really depends on your personal preferences and the temperament of your hair.  Personally, I prefer the LCO method as my Type 4 hair texture seems to prefer that particular order of moisturization.  If you are trying to figure out what this acronym means, it simply stands for Liquid, Cream and Oil (LCO).  The LOC method is just the opposite of that where oil is used before cream.  The LCO method consists of using water or a liquid based product to begin the moisturization process.  This can be plain water or a water-based leave-in conditioner.  The next step is to apply a cream. This can be a twist or definition cream or any kind of hair butter that you desire.  The final step is to use a carrier oil that can seal the moisture in the hair.  We have created an infographic to help you remember these three (3) simple steps.  To find some great products that you can use for moisturizing, see our collection of creams and butters.  For good oils that can act as sealants, please see our collection of oils and sealants.  Which method do you prefer to use, LCO or LOC?

LCO Method

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