About Us

Exotic Hair Products is your source for authentic hair care products such as Jamaican castor oil, fair trade shea butter and monoi milk from places like the Caribbean, Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia.  We are located in Baltimore, Maryland.

Did you know that some of the best herbs, oils and extracts for natural hair care come from exotic places?

From the beginning of time, warm, tropical climates have produced some of the best, natural ingredients for cosmetic purposes.  Plants such as the Shea tree found exclusively in West Africa, the oil nut tree found in tropical places like Jamaica and Tahitian gardenias from Tahiti have been manufactured by nature for beauty and wellness purposes.  The native peoples of these exotic places have been using them for centuries for their own cosmetic needs.   They know the right processes to extract beneficial oils and serums from plants and nuts to yield the maximum cosmetic benefits.  They have infused knowledge and tradition into making quality products that work.

It's the best kept secret that's not so secret.  Many major beauty brands have tapped into this great well of natural resources from exotic places to create luxury hair products.  The problem is, however, sometimes the consumer doesn't get what she thinks she paid for.  Not all hair products are created equal.  Many hair care brands claim certain ingredients on the label but they may not contain enough of that ingredient for your hair to grow to its maximum potential. Or, some companies may claim on their label that their product contains ingredients from certain countries for marketing purposes but in actuality their ingredients did not originate from the country shown in the product description.  For example, many companies claim to sell Jamaican Black Castor Oil but their oil does not originate from Jamaica and may also include other additives such as salt which can damage the hair.  Exotic Hair Products was founded to bring authentic products that work to the consumer while providing economic growth opportunities for local farmers and companies where the ingredients originate.

At Exotic Hair Products our mission is to provide quality hair care products made with the best ingredients to help your hair stay healthy the way nature intended it to be. When you buy from Exotic Hair Products, you get authentic products with authentic ingredients. It means the ingredients in your products come from exactly where the label says.  We do extensive research on all the products we carry and we formulate strong relationships with farmers and local companies that make the products to know their processes as well as the origin of their ingredients.


Our Social Impact

Buying from Exotic Hair Products not only ensures that you get authentic products made by local farmers and companies but it also ensures that the people in those areas enjoy the economic benefits from the resources of their land. Many major hair care companies rely on the natural resources in these areas and they use the names of these places on their labeling to sell their products.  Unfortunately, many times there is little or no economic benefit to the people of these places.  We believe in social responsibility and providing opportunities for economic development globally. That's why we're committed to forming long lasting partnerships and establishing fair trading practices with local farmers and cosmetic manufacturers in countries where exotic plants have been used to make hair care products.

We welcome you to shop responsibly for high quality products that bring out the exotic beauty of your hair that's just as unique as you are.  Shop at exotichairproducts.com and get authentic hair products straight from the source!  We're here to help make your buying experience as pleasant as possible.  For any questions, comments, feedback or help finding a product, simply drop us a line at contact@exotichairproducts.com.