Exclusive Membership Program FAQs



1. How do I sign up for membership?

You can sign up for membership at our Exclusive Membership signup page.

2. Can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at anytime.  Yearly memberships are non-refundable so you will not be able to get a partial refund for the remainder of the year.  Cancellation will take effect for the next yearly billing cycle.

3. When will my card be billed?

The credit card on file will be billed monthly on the same day that you purchased your membership.  Your first month's membership will be billed on the day you sign up for membership.  If you signed up for a yearly plan, your card will be billed on the day that you signed up and on the same day every year thereafter.

4. How do I get FREE sample size products?

Free sample size products are available on the yearly membership plans only.  Sample sizes are distributed as available.

5. How do I get FREE full size products?

Free full size products are available on the yearly membership plans only.  To choose your sample, click on the Product Sample Page once you've accessed your membership benefits and select the products you would like to try. You must use the link provided on your member page to receive full size products.  Regular yearly plan members get one (1) free product per year.  VIP Members get two (2) free products per year.  If you select more FREE products in one year than your membership plan allows, the additional items selected will not be shipped.  

6.  I have the VIP membership.  Can I receive both full product samples in the same order?

Yes you can select both products in the same order.

7.  How do I get FREE shipping?

When you sign up for a membership plan you will gain access to our Member Benefits page.  The coupon code for FREE SHIPPING is available on the benefits page for each plan.  

8.  What are partner discounts and promotions?

We will occasionally partner with other beauty brands to provide special discounts and promotions on a wide variety of cosmetics and products, many of which are organic and vegan. Some of our partner perks include access to informational resources and education on hair and beauty.  Visit  the Member Access page to find available partner perks.  

9.  Can partner promotions change?

Yes. Partner promotions can change at any time so pay close attention to promotion end dates.

 Exclusive Membership Program