Exotic Hair Products Customer Testimonials

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" The Ettenio Moisture Milk is a must-have for all women with locs, briads or twists.  I've always had issues with my locs being dry and I tried just a little bit of this product in my hair and instantly I could see and feel the difference in my hair!  I'm stocking up on this one."- Pat M.

"I use the Moisture Milk to keep my locs moisturized and on my first use my hair went from frizzy to smooth and soft.  This product does exactly what it says." -  Danielle R.

"I've been having scalp issues and needed a natural shampoo to help combat the itchiness.  The Clean Start shampoo has everything I need and my scalp issues have cleared up"- Sandra F.

"I've been using the Asherlee Naturals Hair Butter and not only does it smell yummy but it moisturizes my dry hair very well.  I also love that it is made with all natural ingredients. - Lakeisha G.

"I've spent tons of money trying to find a product that could give me a good twistout that didn't frizz a day later and tried the Queen of Coils  after seeing my girlfriend's twistout using the product.  I was a bit skeptical at first but I eventually used it and it is like heaven in a bottle.  My twists are super-defined and finally I could wear a twistout for more than a day without having frizzy hair.  This stuff is the business!  If you're looking for a great product to give you well-defined curls, with no frizz or buildup on your hair, the Queen of Coils is definitely the product to use. - Melody R.