Product Reviewers Wanted

Get hair products to review for FREE!!!! 


Get free hair products

We are looking for people to try products in our store and provide reviews.  To get your product for FREE, please follow the instructions below.

1) Purchase the product from this link.  Please note that you must use this link as this offer only applies to some products.  

2) Apply promotional code MYREVIEW at checkout for an instant $6.95 off the price of your purchase.

3) Go to the product page and click on write a review.  Provide your review and hit submit. Please provide your review AFTER you have received your product.  Any reviews provided before you receive your product will not qualify for product reimbursement.

4) Email us the link to your review and we will issue a gift card in the amount of the purchase price of the product less shipping.  We will also send you a 10% off discount code for your next purchase.

5)  If you post your review on your social media pages in addition to our website, we will increase your coupon to 15% off.  

6)  All product reviews must be written within 30 days of purchase of the product to be eligible for this promotion.

7) Offer valid only on one of each product.  Gift card reimbursement will not be issued for multiples of the same product purchased.

8) If multiple promotional items are purchased, a refund will only be given to the lowest priced product. Refund will be given on only one item if multiples of the same products are purchased.

9) Free hair products for reviews ends July 31, 2017 so don't delay.  Get your products today!